broken spring repair

Each time you open or close your garage door, the torsion spring is involved in supporting the whole weight of the door.This with time wears out the spring and with time the spring may break which will lead to malfunctioning of the door. It is therefore important to avoid unnecessary opening of the garage door to extend the spring lifespan.The spring may also break even before it reaches its optimum life if it is overloaded. Overloading means that the torsion spring in use is not strong enough to support the intended garage door and this would cause breaking of the spring. It is therefore important for garage owners to ensure that strong springs are used during new door installation. If the available springs are small and weak, two springs should be used to share the door weight and also to ensure that even when one spring is broken the other one will prevent damages before replacement is done. Copiague garage door repair offers affordable and quality spring replacement to all garage owners in the whole of Copiague. If you note a gap between the torsion spring coils, please contact us and we will hook you up with our qualified and certified technicians to fix it safely and swiftly. Handling the torsion spring is risky and may cause damages and injuries and should always be handled by well trained professionals using the right tools.