motor installation services

When your garage door is not opening or closing properly, there could be a problem with the torsion spring or the motor. The door motor may break down due to various reasons such as wearing out or poor maintenance. The motor has two main parts and in case of any malfunction may be the two parts or one is damaged. It takes a professional with the right technical knowledge to detect and rectify any problem with the motor. It is advisable not to handle damaged motor on your own as this may lead to more damage or permanently ruining the garage door. Any time you suspect a fault with the door motor, please contact us at Copiague garage door repair, NY and we will connect you with our qualified and experienced technicians to sort you out.Our specialists will run a test to identify the real damage on your motor and whether it can be repair or the motor must be replaced. If the motor can be fixed or only one part needs to be replaced, Copiague door repair technicians will fix it within minutes. We will help you to procure the best motor for replacement at the finestamount in this NY. We also give amazing discount on motor replacement and other garage door related issues like broken spring. We take each assignment with the urgency it requires and we respond immediately to save your time. We handle your property with care to ensure nothing is lost or broken during our services delivery.